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Athletic Booster Scholarship

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The Herricks Athletic Boosters’ has been supporting the growth of physical education and team sports throughout the Herricks School District. Each year the Athletic Boosters raise money to fund programs that support the athletic programs within the district. We feel it is important to provide students with the ability to growth academically, and as athletes. To support our seniors, continue their education, we have introduced the Herricks Athletic Boosters Scholarship Awards. The purpose of this award is to furnish assistance to students of Herricks High School to further their education.  All graduating students-athletes are given an opportunity to apply for this award.

The Herricks Athletic Boosters President Scholarship has been setup to honor those student’s that show school spirit by participation in a Herricks High School team sport and giving back to the Athletic Boosters, Herricks School District, and community via community service activities. These awards are given for the primary purpose of assisting the students to complete their first year of college, university, trade school or other post-secondary institution.

 Benefits of Team Athletics

Participating in team sports as a high school student can be largely beneficial, and not just when it comes to your college application. Students who get involved can expect all sorts of rewards to come of their athletic involvement, including:

  • Work and Life Skills

Students who participate in high school sports learn skills that help their future career goals. Student-Athletes learn time management and get experience balancing multiple tasks (school requirements, team practices, games, and social interactions). All skills that will help the Student-Athlete in life.

 Benefits of Community Service

Participating in community service activities as a high school student can be largely beneficial, and not just when it comes to your college interview. Students who get involved can expect all sorts of rewards to come of their extracurricular work, including:

  • Work and Life Experience

Students who participate in community service activities related to their future career goals can jump the competition and college-planning process by gaining real-world experience. Volunteering can also improve students’ skill sets and help prepare them for work experiences totally unrelated to their community service work.

  • Connections

The people you meet while volunteering will grow your social and professional circle. They can write letters of recommendation for your college, serve as references when job-searching, and potentially help you find a job opportunity. At the very least, working with others gives you a chance to build networking skills, which will be necessary later in your professional life.

  • A Broader Worldview

You meet a variety of people and learn a multitude of new things while doing community service. Exposure to new people and different environments can help shape the direction of your life and the way you view the world around you. Community service instills a sense of purpose and direction as well.


Upon completion of an application, factors such as community service and participation on a Herricks sports team, are all taken into consideration when choosing a recipient.  All students who are part of any Herricks Athletic team should apply.

Students selected by the Herricks Athletics Award Committee will receive their award at the High School Senior Awards Ceremony in June.

Award applications are available in the Herricks High School AD Office or downloaded from this site.

Please note: The deadline to become a member in order to be eligible for the Herricks Athletic Boosters Senior Scholarship Award is February 11, 2024.