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Academic Departments

Department Leaders

   Anissa Arnold Director of Art and Music 516 305-8714        Email Ms. Arnold
   Allison Bianco Director of Shelter Rock Academy 516 305-8800      Email Ms. Bianco
   Francesco Fratto Director of World Languages, Language Immersion and ENL   516 305-8719 Email Mr. Fratto
   Karen Hughes Director of Science and Technology 516 305-8717 Email Ms. Hughes
   Michael Imondi Director of English, Library and Reading 516 305-8711 Email Dr. Imondi
   Natasha Khan Director of Counseling  516 305-8712 Email Ms. Khan
   Stephanie Knowles          Chairperson of Special Education - High School 516 305-8704 Email Dr. Knowles
   Meredith Matson Director of Social Studies 516 305-8718 Email Ms. Matson
   James Petricca Director of Athletics, Health and Physical Education          516 305-8715           Email Mr. Petricca
   Robyn Tsiokos Chairperson of Special Education - Middle School 516 305-8629 Email Dr. Tisokos
   James Zervas Director of Business and Math 516 305-8713 Email Mr. Zervas