Class News about Math

  • In Grade Two, children should develop an understanding of:

    1. Operations and Algebraic Thinking - understand numbers and their relationships; be able to compute addition and subtraction through 100 fluently, add and subtract using mental math through 20, make reasonable estimates, solve simple one and two step problems, and begin work with equal groups of objects to gain foundations for multiplication.


    2. Number and Operations in Base Ten – Understand place value, count and write numbers within 1000, compare, add and subtract within 1000, explain why addition and subtraction strategies work.


    3. Measurement and Data – measuring, comparing and estimating lengths of objects in standard units, measure time, and money, manipulate change from a dollar, pose questions and gather data about themselves and their surroundings, create graphic representation of collected data, and interpret given data independently to solve problems.


    4. Geometry- Identify and reason with shapes and their attributes, partition shapes into parts and identify those parts, recognize that equal shares of identical wholes need not have the same shape.


    5.  Mastering Math Facts - Learning math facts in addition and subtraction.


    Topic Covered In Second Grade:


    Topic 1:  Understanding Addition and Subtraction

    Topic 2:  Addition Strategies

    Topic 3:  Subtraction Strategies

    Topic 4:  Working with Equal Groups

    Topic 5:  Place Value to 100

    Topic 6:  Mental Addition

    Topic 7:  Mental Subtraction

    Topic 8:  Adding Two-Digit Numbers

    Topic 9:  Subtracting Two-Digit Numbers

    Topic 10:  Place Value to 1,000

    Topic 11:  Three-Digit Addition and Subtraction

    Topic 12:  Geometry

    Topic 13:  Counting Money

    Topic 14:  Money

    Topic 15:  Measuring Length

    Topic 16:  Time, Graph and Data