Welcome to the newly created NYSSMA page.  You can find several recordings to listen to that will help you while preparing for NYSSMA.  Here are some helpful suggestions that will lead to a successful experience at NYSSMA.


    1)  Practice EVERYDAY!!  Now I am sure some days this is not a realistic goal, but even 10-15 minutes on those really busy days will help.  In order to be prepared for NYSSMA you must increase your practice habits.  I recommend at least 2 hours a week.

    2)  Take things slllllooowww.  Do not rush through everything in the beginning.  Work on 4 bar phrases until you know them perfectly at a very slow tempo.  Once you know it, then start to increase the tempo, then move on to the next 4 measures (continue this until you reach the end of the solo).  Once you have done that....

    3)  Start by playing from beginning to the end with a metronome.  (If you do not have a metronome, buy one, it will be a great help to you). 

    4)  Practice your scales everyday as a warm-up.  For Level I - II you must memorize any 3 scales.  For Level III - IV you must memorize any 7 scales and Level V - VI you must memorize all 15 scales.  (Percussionists, check with me on which rudiments you must memorize).

    5)  Sight reading.  Use your lesson book, open up to a page you have not practiced, or haven't worked on in a while.  Look through it for about a minute or so without playing.  Look for time signatures, key signatures, dynamics, accidentals, articulations and any other important information.  Try playing from beginning to end WITHOUT STOPPING!  Don't go back and fix any mistakes, because you won't be allowed that opportunity at NYSSMA.

    6)  Remember that music is fun.  NYSSMA is a challenge, and it will take a lot of work, but always remember that playing an instrument should be fun!  Good luck and always contact me if you need any help!