English 9


    You've reached the page for this year's English 9 class. 


    English 9 is essentially a literature-based course with a new emphasis on argument building, close reading, and nonfiction. Improvement in writing and reading are major goals, and although the established mechanical conventions (editing) and the recognized content skills (write coherently, improve comprehension, etc.) are emphasized, the entire processes of reading and writing are also developed. Students are expected to think critically, analyze, and react to the literature they read. Students are also expected to make oral presentations during the year. These may take the form of seminar work, short speeches, computer-generated presentations, drama, etc.


    Please use these class codes to join the appropriate Google Classrom for your period this school year (2019-2020).  The Google Classroom will be the place for all announcements, due dates, assignment/assessment sheets, and other relevant information.  Thanks!


    Period 8: nl09whe

    Period 7: dklev4d


    While there may be earlier versions of assignments and documents uploaded to this page, the most up to date information will be found on our Google Classroom page.  Thanks in advance!

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