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Parent tips to support math at home

  • Read a recipe and have your child measure the amounts for the ingredients. Use different measures such as teaspoons, cups, and pints.
  • Using a calendar, count by 7’s and then 1’s to find the number of days until an upcoming event.
  • Plan a meal you’d like to cook together, then make a shopping list for items that fit your budget.
  • If you bring some vegetables home from the store, have your child count them, counting on from the number of vegetables you already have.
  • Find creative ways to measure: how many paper clips long is this sheet of paper? How many hands high is the dog?
  • Read How Big is a Foot? by Rolf Myller, about a creative apprentice who comes up with a more accurate way of measuring size.

Find ways to practice number operations

  • Pick a number between 1 and 20 (or between any 2 numbers up to 100). Have your child guess the number, then you tell if your number was greater than or less than his guess. Have your child keep revising his guess until he guesses your number. Then trade roles.
  • Count 8 pennies, then hide 4. Ask “How many are hidden?” Does she know there are 4?
  • Go berry picking. Explore the berry patch with your child. Which color berries are ripe and good to pick? Have your child pick ten berries, then eat one. How many does he have left?

Find ways to collect and organize information

  • Read weather charts, movie schedules, and other common numerical information you find in the news.
  • When you’re doing the laundry, have your child match all the pairs of socks. How many socks are there? How many pairs?
  • Compare and organize tools, dishes, or other objects based on size, color, or weight.
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