Spelling Strategies

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    When learning to spell irregular spelling words, children need to find the strategy that works best for them.   

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    Here are a few strategies to try:

    5 Step Study Strategy:

    1. Say the word aloud.

    2. Write and say the word aloud.

    3. Check the word.

    4. Trace and say the word.

    5. Write the word from memory and check it.

    6. Repeat each step.


    1. Put words on index cards - use colored cards or colored marker.

    2. Focus on the word, say word and spell it aloud 3x's.

    3. Close eyes and picture the word in your mind's eye. 

    4. Open eyes and write word from memory.

    5. Check card for accuracy.

    Tactile Method

    1. Same as step 1 above.

    2. Look at the word and trace onto hard surface while spelling aloud.

    (Make letters large for better tactile feedback.)

    3. Do this 3 times slowly. 


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