Practicing Reading at Home

  • Practicing Reading at Home

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    * Practice is key to becoming a skilled reader.

    * Expose your child to decodable books that are fun and easy to read. (See Booklist)

    * It is OK to read the same book several times- this helps increase fluency.

    * Reading aloud consistently at least 4 - 5 days per week, even if for only short periods of time 

    This is more important than the length of time spent reading each day.

    * Reading frequently, especially aloud, will improve your child's reading skills and that will encourage them to want to read for longer periods of time.

    * Read your child poems and stories that rhyme.  It is important for them to develop an awareness of rhyme.

    * Magazines provide inviting bit-sized reading material for every age and interest.  children are motivated to read material of genuine interest. They will also love magazines that arrive in their names!! Try: Ladybug, Spider and Cricket at or Ranger Rick from the NationalWildlife Federation or  Also, Time for Kids at and Sports Illustrated for Kids at .  Pick the one your child will enjoy the most. 

    * Remember that encouragement increases effort and successful efforts build confidence.




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