Getting Children Ready To Read

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    Getting Children

      Ready To


    * Read and recite nursery rhymes often!!  It is important for them to hear the patterns in words. Leave off the last word and see if they can come up with a word that rhymes!

    * Read to your child daily - even for only 15 minutes.  Read the newspaper, magazines, cookbooks, take-out menus...and of course his/her favorite stories.

    * Take them to storytelling at the public library.  Make a big deal about getting a library card and visit the library often.

    * Create a reading area in your home with a bookshelf filled with his/her room favorite books and a special, comfy chair.  Give books as gifts often to add to the shelf.

    * Don't measure the number of books read, but the time spent reading.

    * Try and get them hooked on a series or favorite author.  Go to the bookstore and let them browse or describe your child's interests to the salesperson. They will be able to give you choices.

    * Set a good example. Show them your love of reading and let them see you with a good book or with a newspaper or magazine.  Talk about something you have read and tell them about your favorite book growing up.

    * Don't make reading feel like a chore. Make it fun and they will love the time shared with you.


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