Days Of-The-Week Poems

  • Holiday Vacation 



    On Monday I saw the movies ‘Avatar’ and ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks.’


      On Tuesday I touched a baseball at my house.


     On Wednesday I heard a loud T.V. at the next door house.


    On Thursday I smelled a roasted chicken.


    On Friday I tasted chocolate candy from my dad home.

    On Saturday I saw birds in a nest on television. 


    On Sunday I heard my stomping feet running to play on the computer.


    Keegan Y. (Grade 4)



                                   Holiday Vacation


    On Monday I heard loud screaming in the movie theater.

    On Tuesday I saw the movie ‘Bride Wars’ at my house.

    On Wednesday I touched my Uncles Tiago’s DJ HERO game.

    On Thursday I smelled baked ziti at my house made by mom.

    On Friday I tasted plain popcorn.

    On Sunday I saw my Uncle Tiago play DJ HERO.

    On Saturday I touched a large cold snowball outside.


    Eliseu S. (Grade 4)