Objectives of the Program

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    Objectives of the Herricks Gemini Program:


    Gemini students will demonstrate the ability to:


    §  Understand his/her own feelings about giftedness

    §  Analyze social and ethical issues and develop sensitive responses.

    §  Enhance his/her ability to understand personal needs as well as the needs of others.

    §  Find socially acceptable ways of dealing with boredom.

    §  Develop healthy self-concepts related to his/her potential. 

    §  Interact effectively with others.

    §  Act as a socially responsible citizen.

    §  Relate to other Gemini students intellectually and socially.

    §  Increase self-awareness by promoting realization and acceptance of one's capacities and an understanding of one's needs and interests

    §  Interact with stimulating and interesting adults.


    Gemini students will demonstrate the ability to:


    • Analyze and apply higher-level thinking strategies in unique and challenging contexts.
    • Analyze and apply skills of inquiry and research for in-depth explorations.
    • Apply theoretical knowledge and critical thinking in practical situations.
    • Acquire necessary thinking skills and self-directed learning to become an independent, creative producer.
    • Utilize in-depth contents and employ appropriate thinking skills to generate unique and complex products consistent with his/her level of study.
    • Problem-solve when presented with a host of variables.
    • Learn through creative expression, exploration and experimentation.



     Gemini students will demonstrate the ability to:


    • Communicate complex ideas clearly and with confidence.
    • Productively contribute his/her perspective and talent in a cooperative learning environment.
    • Complete and present a quality project or product resulting from individual or collaborative efforts.
    • Maximize his/her leadership potential.
    • Reason orally with others.
    • Resolve conflicts.



     Gemini students will demonstrate the ability to:

    §  Nurture, facilitate, and evaluate and critique his/her own learning

    §  Develop and assess his/her special talents and interest to achieve realistic goals.

    §  Plan, and monitor his/her own learning strategies and the learning strategies of others.



    Gemini students will demonstrate the ability to:

    • Identify and utilize available resources to actualize his/her ideas.
    • Use time constructively.
    • Develop expertise in fields of study.
    • Choose activities at appropriate levels and pace
    • Stimulate his/her aspirations and pursuit of higher-level goals.
    • Develop independent learning skills.