Project Lead the Way

  • Project Lead the Way

    Project Lead the Way is a design based science program for children.  It is built on the idea of project based learning and will encourage children to use the design process to solve science problems.


    First Modules
    Kindergarten - Structure and Function: Exploring Design 
    Grade 1 - Light and Sound
    Grade 2 - Materials Science: Properties of Matter
    Grade 3 - Stability and Motion: Science of Flight
    Grade 4 - Energy: Collisions
    Grade 5 - Robotics and Automation

    Second Modules:
    Kindergarten - Pushes and Pulls
    Grade 1 - Sun, Moon, Stars
    Grade 2 - Materials Science Form and Function, Seeds and Pollination
    Grade 3 - Stability and Motion Forces and Interactions, Simple and Compound Machines
    Grade 4 - Energy Conversions
    Grade 5 - Autonomous Robotics Challenge