3rd Grade Orchestra

  • Congratulations on a fantastic Junior Orchestra performance!

    Lessons and Rehearsal are over for the remainder of the school year. 



    Over the summer, please be sure to do the following: 

    1.    RENEW YOUR INSTRUMENT RENTAL FOR THE NEXT YEAR! Do it TODAY so you have it all summer!

    2.    Play the following over the summer, pick a few to do each day:

    ¯   Essential Elements Book 1:

    -         Page 16 & 17 – Bowing smooth and straight on the string

    -         Page 18 – “Putting It All Together”

    -         Page 20 – Eighth notes (clap and play each song)

    -         Page 32 & 33 – F natural & C natural notes

    ¯   G & D Scales!

    ¯   Songs from our concerts this year!

    3.    Go hear a live concert whether it is a band, orchestra, jazz or rock group. Witnessing performances live may be one of the biggest contributors to learning your instrument.

    4.    Try the fun melodies that are also attached. They are fun, easy and familiar!

    5.    HAVE FUN FUN FUN!

    6.    Play SOMETHING on your instrument EVERY DAY! You won’t be sorry and it’s EASY!