4th & 5th Grade Orchestra

  • Welcome all new and returning students to the orchestra program at Center Street Elementary. I am looking forward to a great year of learning and playing. It is time to open your case, rosin your bow and get ready to go!



    In order to be successful, students will need the following items.

    1. 1” Binder with pockets

    2. Package of 25 sheet protectors

    3. Pencils (package of 12)

    4. Pencil pouch

    5. Rosin


    Recommended purchases:

    1. Shoulder rest (for violin and viola students)

    2. Folding music stand for home practice



    All Violin and Viola students are expected to rent their own instrument through a local music store. Basses and Cellos are provided by the school district; however there is a fee for instruments used at home; many parents do rent cellos for exclusive home use. If you need to rent an instrument, do so as soon as possible while there is still a good supply of quality instruments available.

    *Ask if your string instrument can have a working fine tuner for each string which is attached to the tailpiece.

    * All students must have their instruments clearly labeled with their names, school and classroom teacher to avoid problems throughout the year.



    We will meet every Tuesday and Friday morning for orchestra rehearsals. Our first rehearsal will be Tuesday, September 12th at 7:40 A.M. in the All-Purpose room. If your child is unable to attend a rehearsal, it is important that you communicate with me prior to rehearsal via the remind app or email.



    Students will meet once a week for lessons. It is important that students are on time and prepared (Instrument, Binder, Book, and Pencil) so we can maximize our learning. Lessons will begin the week of September 11th. The lesson schedule will be handed out shortly.



    Attendance at all rehearsals and lesson are essential to the success of your child and the orchestra. Please be sure your child attends all morning rehearsals and is prepared on the day of their lesson.