Spectrum of Services




    A student at Herricks High School who has been determined by the Committee on Special Education (CSE) to have a disability is provided with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) that takes both the kind and degree of disability into account.  The CSE reevaluates the student’s needs each year at the Annual Review.  The IEP describes the learning conditions and services that a student shall need.  There is a spectrum of services available at the high school.  Individual students are placed in one or a combination of these services










    A teacher may refer a student for evaluation by the Pupil Personnel Team (PPT) if the teacher feels there are issues concerning the child’s success in the high school.  The PPT makes a recommendation for possible intervention.  The PPT may decide to recommend special education services, psychological services, academic intervention services, further evaluation or monitoring, or perhaps no services at all.     


    The student attends a regular subject class and is judged by the same criteria as the other students.  Minor modifications are made usually in testing conditions.  Students in the mainstream often receive Resource Room.

    Resource Room

    The student attends a small, non-graded class in which s/he is taught skills and strategies to compensate for the disability in doing mainstream class work.

    Consultant Teacher Services

    Consultant teacher services allow students with disabilities to remain in full-time general education classes with support from a special education teacher.  This service is provided directly or indirectly depending on the recommendations stated in the student’s IEP. 

    Integrated Coteaching Classes

    Integrated coteaching involves general and special education teachers working together as a team in a general education setting to provide for the needs of students with disabilities.  An important component of the Inclusion Classes is the support class  This class helps the inclusion students meet the demands and rigor of their mainstream classes.

    ID Classes/Subject Specific

    The student attends a special education subject class taught by a special education teacher.  The curriculum and teaching strategies are adjusted to meet the needs and account for the disability of the individual student.


    (Vocational Independence Program-VIP)

    The Life skills Program is a self-contained program where the students spend most of their day with a special education teacher and teaching assistants.  This service is designed for students who are developmentally delayed with low cognitive abilities.  This program has many components including, but not limited to, basic skills, health, speech, occupational and physical therapies, adaptive physical education, art, and music.


    The student remains on the roll of Herricks High School but goes to another school/program that can more appropriately address the needs created by the disability.

    Support Services

    Other services to address the needs of students with disabilities such as counseling, speech therapy, physical therapy, special equipment, etc.


    In addition, a mainstream student may receive services such as testing modifications without an IEP under a 504 Accommodations Plan.  A student having a 504 Plan is evaluated each year to see if the accommodations are still necessary.