Faculty Members

  • Department Chairperson
    Karen Hughes
         AP Chemistry

    Faculty Members

    Mr. Mark Azzara
         Honors Chemistry,  Forensic Science

    Mrs. Laura Gurick-Baracaldo

    AP Physics 1, Forensic Science

    Mr. Frank Carra

    Living Environment

    Mrs. Claudia Carter
         AP Physics 1,  Conceptual Physics

    Mr. Richard Chlystun
         AP Environmental Science, Regents Earth Science

    Mrs. Maria Clark
         AP Biology, Introduction to Science Research

    Mr. Andrew Cloud
         AP Environmental Science, Regents Earth Science, Introduction to Science Research

    Ms. Caitlin Etri
          Science Research Coordinator

    Mrs. Dana Fischer
         Honors Living Environment, Medical Technology

    Mr. Steven Formichelli

    Honors Chemistry, Conceptual Chemistry

    Dr. Karim Gangji
         AP Physics C Mechanics, AP Physics C E& M, Astronomy 

    Dr. Daniel Gloster

         AP Physics 1, Regents Physics, Excel

    Mr. Roy Hutchinson
         Honors Living Environment, Human Systems

    Mr. Kevin Kavitt

         Honors Living Environment,  Regents Living Environment, Forensics

    Mr. Thomas Liguori

         Regents Physics, Technology:  Architectural Design, Design and Drawing, CAD I & II

    Mr. Charles Luisi

         Regents Physics, AP Physics 1

    Mrs. Deborah Poppe
         AP Biology,Regents Chemistry, Conceptual Chemistry

    Mr. Paul Roditis

    Regents Living Environment,

    Mr. Marc Sciano
        AP Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Conceputal Chemistry

    Dr. Lawrence Sinacori

    Human Systems 

    Ms. Abigail Sollecito

    Regents Earth Science, Regents Living Environment SRA, SRA Forensics

    Mr. Michael Tortoriello

          Technology: Architectural Design, Design & Drawing, CAD I & II, Prin. of Engineering, World of Tech I & II

     Ms. Caroline Viret

           Regents Chemistry, SRA Forensics