Athletic Update

  • Interscholastic Athletics

    District Athletic Director: Mr. Jim Petricca (305-8769)
    Middle School Athletic Coordinator:  (305-8615)


    Let's Go Herricks!!


    All 7th and 8th grade students in New York State may tryout for interscholastic sports.  Herricks Middle School provides 12 different sports in four different seasons.  These sports and seasons can be seen below.

    (September 8-November 4)

    Soccer (3 Boys teams)
    Soccer (3 Girls teams)
    Football (2 Teams) starts September 8
    X-Country (Combined Girls and Boys teams)
    Tennis (2 girls teams)

    WINTER 1 November 5
    Basketball (3 Boys teams)
    Volleyball (3 Girls teams)

    WINTER 2 January 19
    Wrestling (1 team)
    Volleyball (3 Boys teams)
    Basketball (3 Girls teams)

    SPRING March 29
    Track and Field (1 Boys and Girls Team)
    Baseball (3 teams)
    Softball (3 teams)
    Lacrosse (2 boys teams, 1 girls team)
    Tennis (2 Boys teams)


    Prior to trying out for an athletic team, all students must have a sports physical (either by our school ddoctor or their own doctor).  All sports physicals are good for one year from the date of which it was given and be documented in the nurses office.  For your convenience we placed an attachment at the bottom of this page for the A - Form.

    Prior to the start of each sport season, you will need an updated B form.  This form can either be obtained from this website, the nurse or the coach.  After completion, the B form must be handed to the nurse for clearance to participate for each sport.

    Tryouts are announced well in advance prior to each season. Any questions, please contact Mr. Daniel at the middle school. 

    We will be issuing all our student athletes a uniform. It is their responsibility to come to each game with that uniform clean and complete. At the end of each season each athlete must return the uniform. If a uniform is not returned or lost they will have to pay for it prior to trying out for another team in another season.

    A schedule containing each contest will be given to the athletes to bring home. They will also be posted on this web site. 


    Our middle school coaching staff will work to teach all our young athletes:

    The skills of their sport
    The many techniques of that sport
    The importance of fitness and conditioning
    Team work
    Life long values on how to get along with others
    Positive Self Esteem

    For Sports Physical (A Form) & Sports Candidate Re-Evaluation (B Form)
    proceed to the section 
    Health School Forms.