LMC MakerSpace!



    Herricks High School MakerSpace

    Our goal is to promote creativity and innovation!


    The LMC supplies access to tools for creative expression and STEAM experimentation, the same way we provide access to information. Now, we have both low and high technology for students to use:

    • art supplies (paint, modeling clay, yarn, popsicle sticks, etc.)

    • Adobe Creative Cloud 

    • Video Recording/ Editing software and equipment

    • A color poster printer 

    • A color laserjet and scanner

    • 3D pens and 3D printer

    • Lego kits and robotics kits

    • Kin'x

    • Button Maker

    • Little Bits circuits

    • Vinyl cutter and supplies

    • Apple TV 

    • 3 Mac Minis