7th Grade


    Ms. Banke’s 7th Grade Social Studies


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    Dear Students,

                      Welcome to seventh grade Social Studies! As your teacher, I am looking forward to an exciting and challenging year with all of you. To ensure that each student achieves his or her potential, I believe that cooperation and teamwork between the teacher, student, and parent/caregiver is essential.


    Topics we will cover this year

    Unit 1: Native Americans

    Unit 2: Age of Exploration

    Unit 3: 13 Original Colonies

    Unit 4: The American Revolution

    Unit 5:  American constitution

    Unit 6: Westward Expansion

    Unit 7: The Civil War


    Classroom Procedures:

    1. When you enter the classroom immediately take your seat and complete the Do Now. This is will be projected on the Smartboard and will have a question to answer or a task to complete.
    2. Copy down your homework into your planner.
    3. Wait for instructions for the lesson to begin.


    Classroom Community:

    In order for us to have a productive learning environment, where we can use different learning methods, the classroom community must be established.

    • Be respectful of the teacher and your classmates.
    • Be prepared- bring all materials and homework to class and be ready to participate and learn.
    • Be on time.
    • Be honest.



    1. Verbal warning
    2. Teacher- student conference
    3. Seat change
    4. After school detention and phone call home
    5. Parent conference


    Materials Needed:

      • 1 folder
      • Pencils & pencil sharpener
      • One Dry Erase marker ( any color)
      • Colored pencils or markers

    (These supplies must be brought to Social Studies class EVERY DAY!)