Guidance News

    June 2022

    Class of 2022
    Congratulations on all of your acceptances!
    Please be sure to see your counselor as soon as possible to report your college application results.  This information is extremely important in order to maintain an accurate college tracking report for the Class of 2022.  You can email your results to your counselor quickly and easily.

    Final Transcripts
    If you would like to have your final transcript sent to your college, please inform your Guidance Counselor which college you will be attending in the fall.  That information should sent to the Counseling and Wellness Center as soon as possible, but no later than Monday, June 13th.

    College Counseling
    Between now and next fall, all current juniors should be doing research on the many colleges and universities available to them.  All juniors should consider attending open houses, visiting college campuses both this spring and/or next fall, talking to former Herricks students about their college experience, and of course visiting their counselor frequently to ask questions, or further examine the many opportunities available to them for post secondary education.  Do not forget to use the Naviance website for in-depth college research:  Herricks students have their own account on Naviance.

    The college research students complete this spring and summer will help to make the application process next fall a much smoother, less anxious one.

    NCAA Senior Athletes
    If you are hoping to play Division I or II athletics at college and have not yet filed a Clearinghouse application, you should see your Guidance Counselor immediately.

    If you are not planning to attend college, see your counselor about your plans after graduation.  Your counselor wants to assist you to make appropriate decisions about your future.

    The Excelsior Scholarship
    The Excelsior Scholarship is New York’s tuition-free scholarship for students who will be attending a SUNY or CUNY college or university. In order to apply, students must:

    • Be residents of New York State
    • Belong to a family that makes up to $100,000 in adjusted gross income annually
    • Plan to attend a SUNY or CUNY two or four year degree program
    • Take 30 college credits per year and graduate within two or four years
    • Maintain good academic standing
    • Live and work in New York State for the number of years equal to the awards received

    Students may begin applying for the Excelsior Scholarship in June. Please visit to learn more about how to apply. You can also sign up to be notified when you can apply for the Excelsior Scholarship at