Academic Support 8 - Mr. Lavas

  • Academic Support Expectations

    Grade 8—Mr. Lavas

    Shelter Rock Academy


    1. You will come to class everyday prepared to work. This means that your supplies and assignments are with you when you walk in the door.


    1. You will not be a distraction to others in the class. Worrying about yourself and your own work should be the top priority.


    1. You will keep me posted on your progress in class—when you feel like you’re slipping or struggling, you NEED to let me know. I will have contact with your teachers, but you know yourself better than anyone!


    1. When you have no assigned work for class, you will still work on something academic. You will need to have an independent reading book, study notes, review sheets/packets, academic internet quiz sites (regents review, geography games, etc.).


    1. Time to explore your own interests is earned. Academic support does offer limited opportunities to explore our own passions (arts and crafts, engineering, writing, time outside, etc.). This time is strictly earned based on your attentiveness to these guidelines and performance in class. Simply speaking, if you do your work in class, study hard in support, get all your work done, you will find that some exploratory free time might find its way to you!


    1. If you refuse to work in support (which I know you won’t!), distract yourself or others, or avoid class, you will be required to make up the support time during your lunch. This means that the homework you didn’t do or the assignment you didn’t finish will be made up on your own time!


    1. You will succeed and improve as students everyday.


    Thank you and good luck!

    Mr. Lavas

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