English 11

  • Mr. Lavas

    English Language Arts—11th Grade

    Website: Transitioning to Google Classroom—will update

    E-mail: jlavas@herricks.org


    Student Expectations:

    -          Come to class everyday prepared for learning. We need ALL our materials in class. Your notebook, class text, independent reading book/text, pen or pencil, and thumb drive should always be with you.

    -          Class participation is an essential part of the classroom. Coming to class everyday ready to learn and participate creates an energetic and academic environment.

    -          Respect will be given to ALL members of the class and school setting. The classroom and its contents will be given the same respect as any person in the class.

    -          Come ready to learn and participate.

    -          Don’t blame a printer failure or computer meltdown for missing work. Hand in your work on time. Technology is not the answer for a missing assignment.

    -          If you have questions, ask them. Do not be afraid to ask a classmate. Many times, if you have a question, so does somebody else.

    -          The class website will be a part of the class as well. You will be responsible for visiting the site at times to complete homework, assignments, or class discussions. Please speak with me if you have concerns or questions.


    Classroom Conduct:            

    The classroom is a great place to read, write, think, and learn. The class will run in a variety of different ways. We will have discussions, silent sustained reading or writing (SSR/SSW), seminars, group projects, and peer and teacher conferences (amongst other styles of learning); you are expected to participate in a positive manner in ALL settings.


    Grading & Assignments:

    Grading will consist of a number of written pieces, reading responses, quizzes, homework, as well as others assignments in and out of the classroom. Here are a few examples:

    -          Essays—Literary, personal, persuasive

    -          Research papers/Informational Texts

    -          Creative writing—poems, plays, journals, memoir, etc.

    -          Projects (in and out of class)

    -          Participation—in class conduct

    -          Class work

    -          Annotating, Post-its, Reading Response

    -          Homework and website participation

    -          Independent reading and writing


    For every school day that an assignment is late, five points will be deducted from the grade. Late work can be handed in up to two weeks late. After two weeks the grade is a zero.

                µIf a student is absent, it is the student’s responsibility to hand in work that was due and/or to find out from a classmate or the teacher what work was missed. I will not seek the student! Also, any unexcused absences (cuts) on a day of a test or quiz will result in a zero.



    Homework will be given most nights. Students are expected to write the homework in their agenda books when posted on the board in the classroom. Homework should be completed before class and printed if needed. If there is no homework on a particular night, the students should be reading in their independent reading book/text.

                If you are having difficulty with any homework assignments, do not hesitate to email me with questions. You should not leave any questions or concerns to the last moment. Allow time to get a response or discuss what can be done.


    Regents Exam:

    We will be taking the English 11 exam this year. Here at the SRA, we take the Regents exam in January instead of June. The exam is on January 26, 2016 this year.


    Some Rules:

    -          Cell phones, I-pods, and other technology will occasionally be used in the classroom. Unless otherwise instructed, DO NOT have your technology out! Technology will be taken away and you will need to pick it up at the end of the day.

    -          Please talk to me before you take any books out of the classroom. You can check books out on the website.

    -          The classroom is a common space for a number of classes and teachers. Please respect the room.

    -          No plagiarism of any kind will be tolerated.



    -          A 3-Ring Binder

    -          Loose leaf paper

    -          A Marble notebook

    -          Pens (TWO for a class collection)

    -          A pocket folder

    -          Gmail account (we have a Herricks provided one)

    -          A thumb drive/flash drive (optional)

    -          Post-its (At least 3 packs)


    I am excited to learn what motivates all of you. Keep me posted on your progress in our class. I cannot read minds, and if you feel that you are struggling or confused, please bring it to my attention. An open line of communication between student and teacher is essential to our success in class this year. Let’s start the year with energy and enthusiasm! I’m excited to work with you.


    Eager to teach you,

    Mr. Lavas

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