English 9 - Ms. Barnard

  • English 9 - Mrs. Barnard

    Welcome to English 9! This year, students will read, interpret and critically analyze works of literature and nonfiction from a wide variety of times, places, cultures, and genres. They will also examine the ways in which authors use literary techniques and the resources of language to illuminate purpose and meaning of the work as whole. Students will develop and strengthen writing by planning, revising, editing, rewriting, or trying a new approach; and use technology, including the Internet, to produce, publish, and update individual or shared writing products.


    A few works we will cover this year are as follows:


    v     Lord of the Flies                       -William Golding

    v     Romeo and Juliet                      -William Shakespeare

    v     Sleeping on the Wing                -Koch/Farrell

    v     21 Great Stories                       -Lass/ Tasman

    v     The Bedford Reader                 -Kennedy/Aaron

    v     Non-Fiction Pieces

    v     Independent Reading Books


    Here are the rules to make a more pleasant and beneficial year for all.


    1)    Behavior

    Students Must:

    v     Show respect for themselves, their peers, teacher(s), and materials.

    v     Participate appropriately with positive contributions.


    2)    Attendance

    Students Must:

    Be on time and ready to begin working when the bell rings. Absences do not excuse them from completing the work that they missed. If they are absent, they should come see me to find out what they missed.


    3)    Materials

    Students Must:

    Be prepared everyday with their materials, books and homework assignments. Materials needed for this class include:


    v     A three ring binder with dividers and loose leaf

    v     Each student will divide his/her binder into five sections.

    1.    Class work/ Notes

    2.    Homework

    3.    Vocabulary

    4.    Journal

    5.    Completed Work: Tests/Quizzes/Writing Assignments

    v     Blue or black pens

    v     USB drive (at least 1G)

    v     Post-it notes

    v     At least one highlighter


    4)    Assignments

    Students Must:

    Hand in assignments when they are due. Homework assignments will be graded out of ten points. Homework that is completed on time will receive a 10/10. Students will lose points for work that is late, incomplete, or unacceptable.


    5)    Grading Policy

            25% Homework/Journals

              25% Class work/ Participation

              50% Tests/Quizzes/ Projects


    6) Plagiarism Policy:

    It is standard policy of the English Department of Herricks High School to assign serious consequences to any act of cheating or plagiarism. Students who plagiarize will receive a zero on that assignment, a call home to their parents, and a disciplinary referral with the dean.


    7) Extra Help:

    If students need extra help, they should come to help class so we can work together to improve the learning experience. Help class will be held every Tuesday after school.


    8) Teacher Contact Information:

            Mrs. Barnard can be reached at Dbarnard@herricks.org or 305-8811.



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