Global History 9 - Ms. Wolf



    This full-year course is the first half of the global history course with a Regents Exam at the end of next year.  This exam will test you on what you learn this year and what you will learn next year.  The following are some guidelines that will ensure that everyone succeeds to the best of her or his ability in this class.


    REQUIRED MATERIALS:  Please come to class everyday with the following:

    • Loose leaf binder AND paper
    • Pocket folder for handouts
    • A pen and pencil



    • Please tell me in advance if you know you will miss class because of a field trip or other approved activity
    • You can also contact me at if you know you will be absent for an extended period of time
    • Be on time…remember 3 lates equals a cut
    • Please make sure that your cell phone is turned OFF before you enter the classroom 


    • Each week you will receive a homework schedule that will include all assignments for that week  
    • It will also be available on my class website



    • Test day for the Social Studies department is Tuesday
    • Please see me if you are absent and need to make up a test/quiz



    • Your quarter grade is based on the number of points you earn throughout the quarter on tests, quizzes, writing assignments, class work, homework and class participation divided by the number of total possible points


    The students in the class and I agreed to the following expectations on the first day of school:


    • Respect the ideas of everyone. You can disagree, but you must do so in polite and thoughtful way.
    • Achievement is valued. If you need help, you are expected to ask for it.
    • Full participation is expected. Everyone should come to class prepared to participate in all classroom activities.



    • Create a safe and welcoming classroom atmosphere where students feel relaxed.
    • Allow students to work together in groups, but also give students time to write down their thoughts individually.
    • Ensure that everyone feels confident about the material.  Make sure to wait to explain something until students are done copying any notes that might be on the board.
    • Work toward making learning interesting to the students in the classroom (including movies).
    • Assign homework that is relevant and limited (especially on the weekends).
    • Help students to understand the importance of what they are learning beyond the classroom.


    I have read the course expectations and syllabus.


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