Pre-Algebra - Ms. Cote

  • Herricks High School

    Pre-Algebra Class Contract:  School Year

    Teacher:  Mrs. Cote

    Email address:

    Teacher website:





    Course Requirements

    1.      A 3-subject spiral notebook

    2.      One plastic folder

    3.      Pencils, pens, erasers, highlighter and a ruler

    4.      A Scientific Calculator

    5.      Common Core Pre-Algebra Workbook

    6.      One tissue box




    Classroom Procedures

    1.      If you miss a class, whether by sickness or field trip, it is your responsibility to make up the material and turn your work in on time.

    2.      If you miss a test or quiz, you are responsible for taking the test the day you return unless the absence has been excessive.  Upon your return to school, you are responsible for contacting me to schedule a make-up test.

    3.      Conduct: be on time, be prepared and be respectful

    4.      All cell phones must be turned off and put away before entering class.

    5.      Students are expected and encouraged to be active learners during class.






    1.      Homework will be checked and graded daily.

    2.      You must show all work on homework assignments.

    3.      Homework assignments must be done in your notebook with the proper heading.

    4.      Deductions will be made for incomplete or late homework.

    5.      Any missed assignments will affect your quarter grade.

    6.      Homework may also be periodically collected for a grade.







    Please visit my website for homework assignments, class notes and daily/weekly updates:



    Grading Policy

    Tests 50%

    Homework 20%

    Class Participation 30%



    I have read and agreed to the terms of the class contract.  I will give 100% effort in this class.  I acknowledge and will strive to meet the class expectations, and I will follow all class and school rules.  I realize that I will be challenged in this class and it is my choice to accept the challenge.  I will be prepared, on time, and respectful to my teacher and classmates.

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