Peer Leadership Course Description







    The objectives of this class it to train our students on how to listen and communicate effectively. They will learn how to bond as a group and how to respect and understand each individual’s uniqueness.  Through group and partner activities these students will understand the importance of confidentiality, listening skills, being non-judgmental, learn about self-awareness, using “I” statements and conflict resolution skills.  This is the first class taken as 10th graders in the Peer Leadership program.  You will be recommended by the teacher to move onto the next phase of the Program which is Peer Leadership I as 11th graders.  You must promote good leadership and community service skills in order to move to the next phase.




    The objective of this class is train students to become facilitators to small groups.  They will understand their role as a leader and active participant in our school and community.  They will develop all the techniques of leading, delegating, understanding other viewpoints, respect, kindness, trust, confidentiality, role playing, research all high risk behaviors and how to deal with them.  Plus, be a dynamic leader in community involvement through charity events and Health awareness activity projects.  These students will be interviewed by Peer II students and teachers to make it into the last phase of our Peer Leadership program which is Peer Leadership II.




    The objective of this course is to finally put all their leadership training into actual life experiences.  These students are the leaders of our school and have built a strong bond of respect for each other and our community.  They will be our “Leaders in Action”.  They are the active leaders in our school and community.  Their roles as facilitators is to organize charity events, mentor our 9th grade students, are coaches for our Special needs class, Pen pals, communicate with our Senior citizens groups and are mentors and role models on high risk behaviors.  The Peer II class is service oriented to help educate and unify our community.