Advertsing Agency

  • Course Description

    Advertising is a ½ year course designed to teach students about all the components that make up an Advertising Agency. (Art Director, Graphic Artist, Illustrators, Copywriters, Public Relations, TV Radio)

    Course Objective:

    Students will be able to…

     Learn about the business and creative aspects of an Ad Agency

    • Learn about a variety of career choices available in the field
    • Create & develop Ad Campaigns using creativity and brainstorm techniques (individually/team)

     Supplies Needed:

     Flash Drive

    • account
    • Folder for handouts
    • Notebook
    • Pen/Pencil


    Logo Design/Identity Package

    Music/Dance/Museum/Theatre Poster

    Clothing Labels with 4-color Ads

    Book Jacket Design

    Magazine Cover Layouts

    Fortune 500 Group Project

    TV Commercial Story Board

    Package Design

    Menu Design

    Attendance & Punctuality:

    Since all work needs to be done in class, attendance & punctuality is crucial in understanding the lessons & also in meeting the deadline of the project.


    Students’ work is assessed by a rubric.

    The following will be taken in consideration when each project is graded:

    1. Meeting the deadline for project
    2. Understanding & Applying information learned in class
    3. Level of creativity applied to each project
    4. Class participation during the project and class critique

    **extra help available on wednesdays after school**