Digital Photo

  • Introduction:

    Students will have hands-on learning Photoshop to make selections, crop images, use editing tools, filters, layers, color adjustments and special effects. Students will produce a portfolio of digital photographic work. Students will critique their artwork based on the elements of art and principles of design.

    Course Objectives:

    *Gain an understanding of digital photography, processes & concepts

    *Learn to create interesting and strong compositions using the camera as your media

    *Demonstrate a basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,
    Scanners & Printers

    *Learn about both Contemporary & Traditional photographers

    Create projects that yield individual creativity and personal interpretation
    in a final portfolio

    Supplies Needed:

    Digital Camera (DSLR or “Point & Shoot”)

    Notebook with folder

    Flashdrive (2 gig minimum)


    Assignments: Photos are due and are reviewed via contact sheet.
    5 point daily deductions will be given if work is late.

    Participation: Students are expected to participate in the discussion
    and constructive criticism.

    Critique: Each student is required to participate in a group discussion about their work and their peers.


    My Life w/Text

    Photo Shoot Series (MACRO, Opposites & Shapes, Point of View)

    Surreal Photography

    Panoramic Imagery

    Food Photography (using Complementary colors)

    Jewelry combined with Nature

    Night Photography

    Free Choice


    Fashion Photography (The Satorialist)


    Photo Journalism

    Attendance & Punctuality:

    Since all work needs to be done in class, attendance & punctuality is crucial in understanding the lessons & also in meeting the deadline of the project.


    Students’ work is assessed by a rubric.

    The following will be taken in consideration when each project is graded:

    1. Meeting the deadline for project
    2. Understanding & Application of photographic techniques through quality of print, presentation, and writing assessment
    3. Level of creativity applied to each project
    4. Class participation during the project and class critique


    **extra help available on wednesdays after school**