Photo 3

  • Opening Statement:

    Advanced Photography Course

    Instructional Objective:

    Students should have a very good understanding of photography and the Elements & Principles of Design. By the end of the course you will leave with a well-rounded professional portfolio.

    Supplies Needed:

     Tr-X 400 Film (Black & White Developing Film)

    • Kodak Polymax II RC 8x10 Paper (Satin or Glossy)
    • BH
    • Neptune Photo (Garden City)
      Use your Student ID to receive a discount

     * Notebook with a pocket to hold test-strips/assignments, etc.

    * Folder or ring binder to store negatives

    * Presentation book for portfolio

    Requirements of Course:

    Carefully completed projects
    Reflective writing piece about work

    Participation in all classroom critiques

    Participation in Herricks Art Show

    Parent signed camera release form in order to check out a camera






    Free Choice Series

    Digital Image

    Photo Montage

    District Art Show Prints


    Solarization, Vignetting, Toning Prints, Scratch Negatives, Adobe Photoshop

    Attendance & Punctuality:

    Since all work needs to be done in class, attendance & punctuality is crucial in understanding the lessons & also in meeting the deadline of the project.


    Students’ work is assessed by a rubric.

    The following will be taken in consideration when each project is graded:

    1. Meeting the deadline for project
    2. Understanding & Application of photographic techniques through quality of print, presentation, and writing assessment
    3. Level of creativity applied to each project
    4. Class participation during the project and class critique

    **extra help available on wednesdays after school**