Photo 1

  • Opening Statement:

    Photography is a medium for artistic expression, just like painting and sculpture. John Hedgecoe, a famous photographer stated, “The art of photography is about making informed choices because there is no single way of taking a picture”.

    Instructional Objective:

    Students will learn the art of Black & White photography using SLR (single lens reflex/manual camera) through hands-on projects and the use of the principles
    of design.

    Student will experiment & understand how to:

     Shoot dynamic prints while using various photographic techniques

    • Develop black & white film
    • Understand filters, burning & dodging
    • Use darkroom effectively
    • Create a presentation (powerpoint, google drive or animoto)

     Supplies Needed:

    6+ rolls of Tri-X 400 film (black & white developing film)

    ***not black in white negative film***

    Sturdy box for pinhole cameras

    Folder to store prints and negatives

    Notebook with pocket for weekly assignments and information


    Carefully completed projects

    Reflective writing piece about each project

    1 written examination (pop quiz)

    Participation in all classroom critique

    Parent signed camera release form in order to check out a camera



    Pinhole Camera


    Fresh Eyes

    Drama (light & shadow)

    Student Choice


    Fab Footwear



    Solarization, Vignetting, Toning Prints, Scratch Negatives

    Attendance & Punctuality:

    Since all work needs to be done in class, attendance & punctuality is crucial in understanding the lessons & also in meeting the deadline of the project.


    Students’ work is assessed by a rubric.

    The following will be taken in consideration when each project is graded:

    1. Meeting the deadline for project
    2. Understanding & Application of photographic techniques through quality of print, presentation, and writing assessment
    3. Level of creativity applied to each project
    4. Class participation during the project and class critique

    **extra help available on wednesdays after school**