Step-Up Instruments


    As your child progresses on their beginner instrument, we recommend upgrading to an intermediate instrument.  Many times, students will outgrow their beginner instrument and their progression tends to slow down because the instrument is not appropriate for their level.  Step-up instruments will improve tone, intonation, and facility making it easier to play in all registers.  They will also be made of higher quality materials.  Listed below are some basic suggestions when looking to upgrade your child’s instrument.

     Flutes: An open holed flute with a B foot joint will improve the tone and intonation.  An upgrade from this is a silver head.

     Clarinets: A wood clarinet (granadilla) gives a fuller tone and makes higher notes easier to play.

     Saxophones: Intermediate saxophones use higher quality metal improving the intonation, mechanisms, and overall tone.  It is easier to play through all registers.

    Brass: Intermediate level brass instruments.

    Strings: As the student grows and gets physically bigger, they will need a larger sized instrument.  Please speak with your child’s teacher and bring your child to the music store so they can be sized properly. Be sure to try out the instrument first to make sure the sound is of good quality.