To Rent or To Buy?




    As a young student begins instrumental music it is advisable for the family to rent the instrument until the child shows a commitment to continue on the instrument.  Rental instruments should be clean, without leaks and free of excessive wear.  Some vendors will rent new instruments with the option to apply the rental towards purchase after a designated amount of time.  When the student is committed to continuing on the instrument, purchase is recommended with the consultation of the school teacher or private instructor.  As a general rule, though, all instruments must be kept in top working condition.


    A limited number of district-owned instruments are available for student use for a fee of $50 per school year.  Parents should contact the school music teacher for more information.


    When buying a new instrument, please consider the following:

    ¯  Try it out!  When investing in an instrument, it is important to play on the instrument before buying it.  Think about when you buy a car… you need to test drive it before you buy it!  Not all instruments are the same.


    ¯  Avoid Costco/Walmart/Ebay or any other type store.  These instruments tend to be made from low quality materials and break easily.  The tone of the instrument may not be very good and you will spend extra money constantly repairing it. 


    See your child’s music teacher for more advice on a specific instrument.