• Auditions


    Seating Auditions:

    Many of the school music groups, primarily instrumental, hold regular auditions.  The purpose of these auditions are two-fold.  First, they are used to evaluate the individual student's progress and level of musical ability. Second, auditions are used to place students in the section of the ensemble.  Most of the Herricks ensembles seat students by level of musical ability, although where the stronger musicians are seated may vary from group to group. (ie; principal second violin in an orchestra should be a strong player.) Strong players are often seated next to weaker players in order to help them along.


    It is believed that these auditions are necessary and beneficial to the students and the teachers alike.  At the same time we realize that undo competitive pressure should not be placed upon the children.  The level of competition is very low in the elementary ensembles and slightly within the secondary schools.


    Students are given adequate advanced warning of upcoming seating auditions which usually occur twice a year in middle school and every quarter at the high school.


    Entrance Auditions:

    Certain groups require audition for entrance. These include jazz ensembles, chamber orchestra, show choir, and wind ensemble.  Students are given advance notice of the audition time and requirements.  Every effort is made to make the audition as fair as possible and to make the experience a positive one even if the student does not gain entrance into the group.


    The High School Chamber Orchestra and Wind Ensemble are curricular groups, meaning that they meet during the regular school day.  Auditions for these ensembles are scheduled during the prior January.