Sectional Lessons

  •  Sectional Rehearsals and Group Lessons

    Sectional rehearsals are a requirement of all instrumental music groups in the Middle School.   The purpose of the sectional rehearsal is to work on specific problems of the instrument section that would be impossible to address in the large ensemble, and to work on the ensemble skills of the entire section of the group. These rehearsals are in addition to the regularly scheduled ensemble rehearsal and are scheduled, on a rotating basis, at other times during the week.  Each ensemble member must attend the required number of rehearsals within the following guidelines:


                Elementary Band & Orchestra – once each week

                Middle School Band & Orchestra - once each week

                High School Groups - Instruction delivered during rehearsal period through partner teaching.


    Students cannot attend sectionals if: a major test is scheduled in the class he/she would leave. Students may not leave a science lab class.


    Students who are failing three subjects may request a variance from sectional attendance.  After school “help sectionals” will be offered once each week (secondary).