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    • Your articles can be based on a text, video or audio article but it should be from a legitimate news source - check with us if you aren’t sure.

    • We recommend Public Radio International ; but there are other suggestions on Ms Graef’s website & on every week’s HW sheet.

    • You are required to upload 6 article reviews for each quarter (3 by the mid point of the quarter) & you can do 3 for extra credit - each one is worth 5 points

    Bibliographic entry in correct MLA format:

    “Google launches crisis map anticipating hurricane Isaac.” Foxnews. August 28 2012 Web 3 September 2012

    1) Paragraph 1 should be a summary of the article.

    Isaac is the largest tropical storm to hit the Gulf Coast of the Southern United States since 2008.  Currently it is threatening the area from Louisiana to Florida Since the disaster following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, weather preparedness has improved greatly across the region and the country.  National service providers like Google have offered assistance in preparation for the arrival of the Tropical Storm. In this case, Google has launched a special site to assist both first responders and local residents in their preparation for the arrival of the storm. This site is part of a special division of Google known as “Google Crisis Response.” The Site is an aggregate of information provided by Government, NGOs and civilians. It will also provide users with information about their specific location as well as links to the most up to date Youtube videos.

    2) Paragraph 2 should discuss the issues of Human Geography found in the article.  Use appropriate vocabulary words!

    Google’s new Crisis Response site for Tropical Storm Isaac represents an opportunity to use the geographer’s tools to assist in a crisis situation. The most advance GIS (geographic information system) will be used to amalgamate information as it comes in and provide it to users on the ground as it is needed. Data will be produced through remote sensing mechanisms like satellites to determine the exact location of the storm as it proceeds from the Gulf of Mexico inland. In this case, information will be spread through contagious diffusion via the internet.

    3) Paragraph 3 is your opinion about the topic.

    Google’s new Crisis Response Site represents one of the best uses of the internet. It will provide people with immediate and user-friendly information while employing some of the most complex technology to do so. In pre-internet crisis situations, people had to rely on updates via radio and television where often the news providers were unaware of developments on the ground. As a result, mis-information could be easily spread as it was during Hurricane Katrina. Hopefully, use of smartphones will allow people to evacuate appropriately. However, it is always important to remember that not everyone has access to this technology and those in lower socio-economic classes may be miss vital information if this is the only way it is transmitted.

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