Industry and Development Profile

  • Country Profile Questions – Development & Industry (due Monday March 19th)


    1.       Is your country considered an MDC or an LDC? Why? (for this definition you need to have information from at least 3 other units)

    2.       How does this relate to its geographic location? (in terms of distance from the equator)

    3.       What is its GDP? And GDP per capita? (with or without PPP)

    4.       Officially, what is the poverty line in your country? (for an individual and for a family of 4)

    5.       What % of people live under the poverty line? in an LDC this would be under $2 per day & in extreme poverty (less that $1.25 per day)

    6.       How does your country fare on the HDI? Its ranking and its score? (include its what is the indicator breakdown?) – you can reference indicators you used in Q1 – but not all of them

    7.       How does your country score on the GDI and what is its GEM? (How does this relate to what you looked up in the unit on gender?) – include the breakdown of the indicators from either GDI or GEM

    8.       What is the breakdown of economic activities in your country (stick with primary, secondary & tertiary) % of population in each area

    9.       Saturation of Consumer Goods (pick 2 of the following to indicate the level of development: telephones; televisions; internet use; motor vehicles) – what does this indicate about income disparity?

    10.    How healthy is the population? (Expenditure on healthcare?  (by the country & by the individual) & life expectancy) – refer back to your population profile for IMR, NIR & CBR - extra credit if you can find doctor-patient ratio

    11.    How does your country compare with the rest of its region (use the Rubenstein)

    12.    According to Dependency Theory, should your country be considered core, periphery or semi-periphery? (Why do you make this assertion? include a statistic)

    13.    According to the World System Theory, would your country be considered core, periphery or semi-periphery? (why do you make this assertion? include a statistic) – What is the role of Multinational corporations?

    14.    Has your country’s economy gone through Structural Adjustment? What has the impact of SAPs been if any?

    15.    How is your country doing in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals? (pick any 3 of the 17)

    16.    What are the main industries (if any)? are they for export or domestic distribution? are they bulk gaining or bulk losing? (you will have to work this out)

    17.    Is there heavy or light manufacturing? Are people engaged in Fordism? Or flexible production?

    18.    Can your country be considered industrialized? If so, which phase in the industrial revolution was it engaged in? What stage is its currently in? Is your country considered an NIE?

    19.    Has your country established any ENZs or SEZs? Or are there maquiladoras? Are there examples of agglomeration?

    20.    What role does outsourcing and offshoring play?


    SUMMARY QUESTION: Which of the development theories do you find the most convincing based on your country’s development and industrial status? What role has globalization played? Identify 3 SDGs that your country most needs to focus on and why. (should be a paragraph)



    Suggested sources:

    Databases: ABC Clio Geography; Countrywatch

    UN sites – in most cases – each country has a dedicated page:

    - (overall development)

    - (overall development)

    - (women)

    - (labor)

    - (agriculture)

    - (food)

    - (telecommunications)

    - (health)

    - (trade)


    also –; ;