• This section of the website is designed to help you with the research process - the information is also provided in your student guide (which can also be downloaded from the homepage) I have attempted to give you as many links as possible throughout the guide, but there are always more websites (and parts of the UN website) that could be helpful. Please fill in the "suggest a website" form to add to our collection.

    Tips & Guidance

    Organization & Strategy

    • Whether you are very organized or completely disorganized, research is useless if you can’t find your information when you need it. At the same time, in this subject there is more information than you could ever imagine needing to know. For both of those reasons, organization and strategy are key to your research. When it comes to the conferences, you will also be working in teams which makes strategy and planning essential.


    a.  Make a research outline

    - a suggested order of research would be:

    (look to the left to access the section that relates to this type of research)

    * Background guides

    * Committee Research

    * Country Research

    * Topic Research

    * Position Papers

    * Working Papers


    b.  Make a list of potential sources

    c.  Don’t confine yourself to the vast UN website, but definitely start there

    1.  Check the most up to date current events websites

    2.  Check the library for any textual sources

    3.  Remember to cross-check your information

    d.  If working with another delegate, divide up your resources, but make sure that you can share your research with each other

    e.  Be selective when accumulating your information. There is an enormous amount available so don’t download every piece of information. Remember you want to use your information in a simulation so it needs to be accessible

    f.  Highlight important information that could be useful in debate. But remember not to highlight too much or what you need won’t stand out.

    g.  Cite your sources. Make sure you know where your information comes from. Not only does this prevent plagiarism, but it also allows you to defend your information if you are challenged in debate

    h.  Put your information in a Research Portfolio (include box from p. 26 of delegate’s handbook)

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