World History 10

  • Welcome to Ms Graef's World History 10 website.

    This course is the second half of a 2 year course begun in 9th grade and culminating in the World History AP exam (optional for those students who choose it - they will be given extensive review sessions prior to the exam) and the Global Regents exam (required for all students). We will be covering the years between 1750 and the present day and looking at general trends while also focusing on case studies from the history of all geographic regions except for the United States.

    The syllabus is as follows:

    Unit 1 will focus on 1750 - 1914 (Topics include: the Industrial Revolution; Imperialism; Political Ideologies and Revolutions)

    Unit 2 will focus on 1914 to present day (Topics include: World War I; Between the wars & the rise of Fascism and Communism;  World War II; the Cold War; the challenges of the Modern World)

    While this is a history course, history is constantly unfolding in the form of current events. As a result, we will devote part of every HW quiz to current events. The current events topic of the week will be announced on Monday.

    This website will provide you with a weekly homework schedule (you will also get a paper one on Mondays), research links and tips, and any other worksheets that I can arrange to upload to the website as we go through the year.

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