Rules & Requirements for Class

    • Dear Parents and Students,

      Welcome to 10th grade World History. Some of the expectations of the course will already be familiar to you as this is the second part of a 2 year course. If anything is unclear, don’t hesitate to ask. This letter will outline some basic class considerations and requirements:


      Supplies Students are expected to have the following supplies with them every day:

      • A Binder with dividers or a notebook with a folder - clearly labeled with your name, subject, and my name You will be expected to keep your binder organized and to have any hand-outs from the current unit easily accessible. There will not be binder-checks, but I will be happy to help you with organization during extra help if this is something you struggle with. Be realistic about this!
      • Pens (black or blue) & Pencils and an eraser
      • A google account so you can share things with me – at

      You must provide your own supplies including a pencil and eraser for scantron tests

      • Loose leaf PAPER (this is very important!)


      Homework, Homework quizzes, and Assignments

      Homework will be assigned on most nights and weekends except the night of a test. Independent readings from the textbook will be most home works. When a reading is assigned, you will be expected to take notes on the reading. In class the next day, you may be quizzed on the reading and you will be allowed to use your hand written notes. All readings since the previous quiz will be on the current quiz – so be prepared! A weekly homework schedule is posted on my website.


      Larger assignments (essays and projects) will be assigned throughout the year and you will be given ample time to complete them. Any written assignments must be submitted typed on paper on the day they are due, but also posted to at the same time. Sharing it with me on google drive is NOT handing it in! If both tasks are not complete by the end of the due date then the assignment will be considered late. Emailing an assignment to me is NOT enough. 10% will be taken off for every day that an assignment is late. Remember a lower grade is always better than a 0 for your average. You can always speak to me or email me if you have a particular difficulty with an assignment or its deadline – but do it before the day it is due or it will be considered late regardless!


      This portion of the world history course takes us up to the present day; therefore, we will discuss current events over the course of the year. Every Monday, the current event/issue of the week will be announced. You will be expected to read, listen to, or watch an article about the issue and answer a question about it on the next homework quiz – you have until Wednesday to read the article. You will be allowed to use notes on the article for the quiz, but not the article itself.


      The syllabus is as follows: Unit 1 will focus on 1750 - 1914 (Topics include: Political Ideologies and Revolutions ; the Industrial Revolution; Imperialism)

      Unit 2 will focus on 1900 to present day (Topics include: World War I; the rise of Fascism and Communism; World War II; the Cold War; the challenges of the Modern World)


      When a student is absent, they are responsible for making up the missed class notes and homework. Every student should have the phone number & email of a classmate for this purpose. 

      If you are absent for a test or quiz (including homework & current events) you must make this up at the next available help class and arrange this with me yourself. If the test or quiz is not made up within a week of your return to school – it will be counted as a 0 in your average. This is your responsibility!

      If it is an unexcused absence (cutting) – you will get an automatic 0 on a test and official detention.

      Help Class

      Help class is every Monday from 2:50-3:30 in Room 608. Help class is not an opportunity to socialize - if a student attends help class, they should bring questions as well as a respectful attitude to the questions that are asked. Please bear in mind that I teach 2 other courses and I will give priority to whichever class has a test the next day. If more than one class has a test, I will split up the time to make sure that everyone has their questions answered. I can also schedule alternate extra help on an individual basis.


      Students are issued a textbook during the first week of school. The textbook should be kept at home. Copies of the textbook are available in the library and the learning center for school use. The textbook must be returned at the end of the year in the condition in which it was issued. If you have lost your textbook, a replacement cost of $80 will be charged.

      Class Guidelines

      There are some basic rules that must be followed to make the year a pleasant one

      • Be punctual – If you are late to class 3x – you will have to sit an official detention.
      • No calling out or interrupting - that goes for the teacher or your fellow students. Everyone will have a chance to speak as long they respect other people.
      • Leave your desk as you found it (no writing or marking the desks in any way)
      • Stay where you are asked to sit, but do come and see me if you have concerns over your seating
      • Put your full name and the date on every piece of work – if your name is not on it – it is not yours
      • All assignment to be handed in should be typed unless you have a previously explained computer problem. All written work in class must be legible
      • When you are asked to work together - do so quietly and cooperatively
      • Cell phones are NOT allowed in class unless you are asked to use them. The 3rd time I have to tell you to put it away – it will be given to Mr. Hodge
      • You may eat a snack during class, but no food from the cafeteria is allowed under any circumstance. Don’t ask me if you can go and buy lunch – you can’t – but you can bring it from home!!



      Your final grade in the course is an average of your 4 quarter grades and your Regents exam grade. Grades will only be posted on the portal once the work has been returned to students in class.

      Your regular quarter grade will be based on an average of the total points based on the following:


      • Tests (multiple choice, long answer and essay – 50-100 pts; 2-4 per quarter)
      • Quizzes (Current Events & Homework) (10-15 pts each; 1 per week unless there is a test)
      • Class/Homework ( includes debates & written and oral presentations (10-15 pts)
      • Research Assignments (Research Papers including steps like bibliographies & outlines) (1 per quarter)
      • Class participation/Following Class guidelines in terms of timeliness and behavior– this will impact whether your grade will be pushed up when it is near the next grade, but it will also impact whether you will be given a break on something being late under extreme circumstances – save this for an emergency!!


      Through-out the course, essays will be assigned that involve external research both online and using books & periodicals. Ample time will be given to complete the assignments, but students should be aware that they are responsible for pacing their progress through the assignment. I’m always available to help both online and in person – ALWAYS contact me when you hit a research wall – nothing good after a half hour!


      PLAGIARISM: If you are found to have committed an act of plagiarism – you will receive an automatic 0 on the assignment regardless of the weight and will not be allowed to make it up or do extra credit under any circumstances. Plagiarism includes copying from any source other than your self without acknowledging it including the internet, books, a fellow student or even a family member. If you allowed another student to use your work, you are also plagiarizing and will be penalized as such. I am aware that avoiding plagiarism and acknowledging sources can be challenging at times, so please see me for some tips and advice.