Precalculus Honors

  • Course Description - This upper level course is designed for students who have achieved at least a B+ in Algebra 2/Trigonometry Honors and who intend to take Advanced Placement Mathematics in their senior year. It is an enriched version of the Precalculus Course. Advanced topics such as sequences and series, limits, analytic geometry, complex numbers, conic sections, and introductory concepts of calculus are studied in depth.  A midterm exam is given in January andthis course concludes with a school final exam.

    Supplies - Binder divided into Classwork, Homework, and  Quizzes

    Calculator(s) - Scientific

    Homework - will be assigned everyday and is counted as a 30 point test grade.  A missing homework will result in a 3 point deduction from that test grade.  Late or incomplete homework will not be accepted.  Check calendar!

    Quiz/Tests - Thursday is Math Test Day.

    Progress Reports - Progress reports will be available on the parent portal every 5 weeks

    Help Class -  Wednesday in Room 305