Calculus AB


    Course Description - This course is for students who have successfully completed Precalculus and plan to major in science or mathematics in college.  The course is comparable to a vigorous first-year college course in calculus.  All students will take the Calculus AB advanced placement examination in May. The TI-89 graphing calculator will be used extensively in class and on the exam. This course concludes with an AP exam and a school final exam.

    Supplies - Binder divided into Classwork, Homework, and  Quizzes

    Textbook -  Calculus: Graphical, Analytical, Algebraic

    Calculator(s) - TI 89 will be used

    Homework - Assigned and checked daily.  Check calendar!

    Quiz/Tests - Thursday is Math Test Day.

    Progress Reports - Progress reports are available on the parent portal every 5 weeks. 

    Help Class -  Wednesday in Room 305


    Calculus AP Exam is May 14th!

    Free Response Solutions

    Check Out Links and Files Below for AP Practice!

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