Herricks Music Department Handbook

  • Welcome to the Herricks Performing Music Program 


    Districtwide, over twelve hundred students are involved in instrumental and vocal music ensembles.  The groups range from large choruses, bands and orchestras to jazz ensembles, chamber music groups and show choirs. 

    Involvement in a music performing group is valuable for many reasons.  Through the process of rehearsal, practice and performance, students develop a number of skills inherent to music such as self-discipline, cooperation, increased ability to listen and follow direction, and an ability to communicate on a level not accessible by the spoken or written word.  These skills are certainly applicable to all life careers.  But beyond this, the students gain an insight into the cultures of humankind, a chance to not only learn about history but to taste it, hear it and feel it.

    Hopefully your child’s involvement in school music performance will last until graduation day and this involvement will only be the beginning of a lifetime of rich musical experiences. 

    The Music Department Handbook has been compiled as a reference so that students and parents will have as easy resource for information and will gain a deeper insight into the musical development process.

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    Music Department Handbook