District required professional development hours

  • Outlined below is a brief summary of the district’s required professional development hours and how they work.  


    District-Design (11 hours) -  all teachers and teaching assistants are contractually required to complete 11 hours of professional development hours which are designed by the district, not by the teacher/TA.  These hours may be designed by the district, the principals or the department chairs.  These hours cannot be completed during regular school time and cannot be used for other reasons such as salary credit.  They can be used for the State 100 hours. When entering district design hours in MLP on the “District Design” form be sure to also check off “100 hours” if you need to log those hours for the State.


    Self-Design (11 hours) - all teachers (not teaching assistants) are contractually obligated to additionally complete 11 hours of self-designed professional development each year.  These hours are designed by the teacher, in conjunction with his/her department chair or principal or the Assistant Superintendent, and the plan must be approved by the administrator prior to the start.  The activities may not be done during regular school hours or be paid for by the district. An activity being used for self-design cannot be applied for salary credit, but can be used for the State 100 hours. At the completion of the 11 hours, teachers should enter them in MLP on the form designated “Self-Design.”  Once this is approved, the hours will automatically be logged into the teacher’s MLP account.  As with the District Design hours, you can check off “100 hours” if you need to also use them for the State requirement.


    100 State-Required Hours these are professional development hours required by New York State for all teachers who hold Professional Certification.  It does not apply to teachers who hold Permanent Certification.  For teachers who are first licensed under Initial Certification, that certification changes to Professional once the basic requirements are met.  Once a teacher’s certification changes to Professional, he/she must complete 100 hours of professional development every five years (starting with the first July1 following the issuance of the Permanent Certification) for the remainder of his/her teaching career.  These hours are required by the State in order to maintain valid certification.  Herricks will approve hours used for district design and self-design, as well as those used for salary credit and the activities listed on the attached sheet.

    When entering any activity in MLP teachers can check off 100 hours as a purpose, in addition to the original purpose.



    There are separate forms for district-design, self-design, in-service credit, graduate credit and conferences/workshops on MLP.  All have a check off for the State 100 hours as well as for the designated use.  If you have an activity that you need to apply towards the 100 hours, and which does not fit into any of the categories just listed, you can use the form entitled “In-District Activity” on MLP – that form is ONLY for activities (like serving on a school or district level instructional committee) that are applicable for the 100 hours and for which there is no other form.


    Activities that will qualify for the 100 professional growth hours:


    • Activities included in the 11 hours of district professional development
    • Activities included in the 11 hours of self design professional development
    • District summer workshops 
    • Approved coursework (including that used for salary advancement)
    • Approved professional conferences
    • Teacher Center courses offered for credit or professional dev. hours
    • Collegial Circles
    • Faculty meetings that focus on curriculum/instruction/assessment (maximum of 10 hours per year)
    • Department meetings that focus on curriculum/instruction/assessment (maximum of 10 hours per year)
    • Participation in district supported committee meetings (e.g. Math K-12 committee, Elementary Science Committee, Progress Report Committee )
    • Serving on special committees as approved by the building principal
    • Peer observations
    • Mentoring
    • Conducting professional development workshops for the Teachers Center or the district.
    • Serving as a cooperating teacher for a student teacher or intern. (30 hours for 6 weeks; 60 for 12 weeks - which would be 1 hour per day 5 days per week)
    • Developing and presenting an instructionally related workshop or seminar at a county, state or national conference.
    • Serving on, or heading,  a district wide committee such as the Curriculum Council, PDP Committee, AIS Committee, Teacher Center Board, Character Ed Committee, Film Festival Committee, etc.
    • Service as an elected officer in a recognized professional organization