Mentor Program

  • The Herricks Mentoring Program Statement of Purpose is to provide a supportive and nurturing environment for new teachers in a non-evaluative and confidential setting. Mentors will provide expertise, support, and professional growth to enhance the skills and effectiveness of those teachers entering the profession. 

    The mentoring program is based on the following beliefs: 

    • Mentoring promotes improved instructional practices that will have a positive impact on student learning/achievement for students of first year teachers and other staff members 

    • The Herricks Mentoring Program provides quality training which will encourage reflective practice 
    • The Program increases the retention of promising first-year teachers and staff members by fostering a sense of collegiality 
    • The program promotes the professional and personal well-being of first-year teachers and staff members by creating a nurturing environment and non-evaluative and confidential setting.

    The Herricks School District Mentoring Program was developed jointly by the partnership of the Herricks School District and the Herrick Teacher Association


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