Child Development


    Welcome to Mrs. Armoza's Child Development class.

    Here you will find links that will be useful to you during this course. During the semester together, we will delve into practical and theoretical concepts in Child Development. We will bridge our own experiences, current events, science, and education to explore the study and application of 
    Child Development.

    Teacher Responsibilities: It is my job to provide you with a safe environment, and the opportunities and tools to explore and acquire an in-depth understanding of:

    -         Personality & Developmental Theories

    -         Health & Safety of Children

    -         Ages & Stages

    -         Learning styles

    -         Family Connections


    Student Responsibilities: It is your job to make the most of the opportunities & tools provided for you to explore & acquire an in-depth understanding of the above topics. In order to achieve this goal:

    -         Attend class regularly and arrive on-time.

    -         Maintain a folder in class with notes, handouts, and worksheets.

    -         Bring something to write with.

    -         Complete all work on or before due date.

    -         Be respectful and tolerant of others’ comments, opinions, and questions.

    -         Participate in class discussions- VERY IMPORTANT!

    -         Work cooperatively when in groups- pull your weight and the whole group benefits.

    -         If you are late or miss a class, it is your responsibility to obtain any missed work.

    -         If you are absent, assigned work is due the day you return.

    -         Use discretion and appropriate behavior regarding cell phones and personal conversations.

    -         Always put forth your very best effort in whatever you are doing.

    -         Have fun! This class should be informative, useful and enjoyable!


    Grades: Everyone begins class with an A+. However, it is your job to maintain that grade. The choices you make and the effort you put into your work will determine the grades you receive on projects, class participation & homework.


    Grade Breakdown:


    Projects & Classroom work: 60%

    Participation: 40%



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