Foods & Fitness

  • Welcome to Foods class!                                                                                        

    Course Outline:
    Foods & Fitness

    Mrs. Armoza





    Teacher Responsibilities: It is my job to provide you with a safe environment, and the opportunities and tools to explore and acquire an in-depth understanding of:

    -         Healthy Foods

    -         Alternative diets and foods

    -         Food safety & sanitation

    -         Food preparation


    Student Responsibilities: It is your job to make the most of the opportunities & tools provided for you to explore & acquire an in-depth understanding of the above topics. In order to achieve this goal:

    -         Attend class regularly and arrive on-time.

    -         Maintain a folder in class with notes, handouts, and worksheets.

    -         Bring something to write with.

    -         Complete all work on or before due date.

    -         Be respectful and tolerant of others’ comments, opinions, and questions.

    -         Participate in class discussions- VERY IMPORTANT!

    -         Work cooperatively when in groups- pull your weight and the whole group benefits.

    -         If you are late or miss a class, it is your responsibility to obtain any missed work.

    -         If you are absent, assigned work is due the day you return.

    -         Use discretion and appropriate behavior regarding cell phones and personal conversations.

    -         Always put forth your very best effort in whatever you are doing.

    -         Have fun! This class should be informative, useful and enjoyable!

    Food lab requirements:

    -         Long hair MUST be tied up. No exceptions.

    -         Cell phone use is not allowed in the kitchens.

    -         All students must remain in their assigned kitchen for class duration. No one may leave until the kitchen has been checked out.


    Grade Breakdown:


    Foods Lab/Projects: 25%

    Participation: 40%

    Final Project: 35%


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