Technology Policy

  • Computer and Internet Use

    Use of Computers in the Herricks Public Schools
    It is expected that faculty will make appropriate use of computer resources provided by the board of education and adhere to the guidelines listed below:


    Computers and computer resources may be used only for authorized purposes following established procedures; Users will be held responsible for all activities on the computer being ued;

    Users may access only files and data that are his/her own, which are publicly available, or to which he/she has been given authorized access;

    Users may only use legal versions or copyrighted software, licensed to the Herricks UFSD or one of its schools;

    It is expected that a user will be considerate in his/her use of shared resources;

    When using the Internet, users must abide by all rules and regulations noted in Policy and Regulation #5311.41, Internet Use Policy;

    Users must not make inappropriate use of computer resources provided by the Herricks Board of Education. The following constitutes a non exhaustive list of actions that are considered inappropriate:

    using another person's password;

    using another person's files, system, or data without permission;

    using computer programs to decode passwords or to access control information;

    attempting to circumventor subvert system security measures;

    accessing any programs specifically designed for use by the system administrator;

    engaging in any activity that might be harmful to systems or to any information stored thereon, such as creating viruses, damaging files, or disrupting service;

    making or using illegal copies of copyrighted software, storing such copies on using mail service to harass others;

    using mail service to harass others;

    wasting computing resources;

    engaging in any activity that does not comply with the general principles listed at the beginning of this document;

    violating any condition of Policy and Regulation #5311.41, Internet Use Policy