Home Work

  • Home Work Instructions for Test/Quiz Corrections

    1.    It must be typed.

    2.    You must include your:
    Title of the Test/Quiz.

    3.    You must write why your answer is incorrect.

    4.    You must write why your new answer is correct.

    5.    You do not have to re-write the question.

    6.    You must staple your corrections together with your test answer sheet and question sheet in the that order (your corrections 1st, answer sheet 2nd, and test question sheet last).

    7.    You will get back what you have handed in. If you do not follow the above format you will NOT get credit for the assignment.
    8.    The assignment will not be corrected, therefore if you have any problem with any question you must ask for help in class and/or come to extra help class and get the concerned items clarified.

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