Extra Credit

  • From time to time extra credit will be offered.  Students may complete only one extra credit assignment per quarter.  If no extra credit assignments are listed for a quarter then that means that no extra credit is available for that quarter.  Details about how many points an extra credit assignment is worth can be obtained from Mr. Chlystun.


    Quarter 1 Extra Credit


    Quarter 2 Extra Credit


    Quarter 3 Extra Credit


    • Choose any topic that we covered during the 3rd quarter and make an outline for that topic.  Outlines must be at least two pages in length and they must typed in a normal font with normal margins.  When the outline is submitted it must be submitted in both a print out and digital form (Floppy Disk, CD or email).  3rd quarter topics include:
      • Weather
      • Climate and Ground Water
      • Rocks and Minerals


    Quarter 4 Extra Credit