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    Please make sure you are on Remind and Google Classroom. The codes are below. While school is closed, assignments and videos will be posted to Google Classroom with additional information being delivered over the Remind App.

    The homework, quiz, and test schedule can be accessed by clicking on the  Calendar options on the left side.    The assignments are listed on the day they are DUE.    Extra Help day is Tuesday in room 511.    Test Day is Wednesday.

    Googe Classroom:

    Forensic Science Spring = xqhixvz

    Chem 2 = u6bjlog

    Chem 6 = w7ojnyc

    Chem 8 = yvemykv

    Remind App:

    Chem 2 = @b29c929

    Chem 6 = @22bag64

    Chem 8 = @e422cd

    Forensic Science Spring = @784f66a

    Edpuzzle for Honors Chemistry

     Beaker              Iodine print

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